Medical and Health Care

Medical and health care are among the paramount growth and key industries in Würzburg. More than 11,000 people work in this sector which contributes more than thirteen percent to the gross value added in the Würzburg region.  Many of our region's medium-sized companies occupy some highly specific niche markets with their products, services and solutions.

That's one of the reasons why a great number of them have grown into global players. The Virion/Serion institute, for example, is one of the leading developers and producers of in vitro diagnostics for infectious diseases. The biopharmaceutical company  Vasopharm specializes in the research of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and their consequences. Well-established in Würzburg for many decades, the Kneipp group produces herbal medicines and dietary supplements as well as bath additives and body care products. The company follows the philosophy of world-famous hydrotherapist Sebastian Kneipp (1821 – 1897).


CareFusion Germany 234 GmbHexterner Link

The Höchberg-based company is one of the leaders in cardiological and respiratory diagnostics. Located at the gates of Würzburg, the enterprise’s 310 employees develop, produce and sell medical diagnostic systems.


Institut VirionSerion GmbHexterner Link

For over thirty years, the company has been developing and producing in vitro diagnostics for infectious diseases. The test systems are vital for the laboratory examination and identification of diseases caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites and are utilized worldwide. The innovative company is headquartered in the Science-Park east of Würzburg.

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True to Sebastian Kneipp’s philosophy, the Kneipp group base their traditional, effective products on nature’s treasures. The roundabout 300 employees of the Würzburg-based company develop and produce highquality health products from plant-derived and mineral raw materials. The company supplies herbal remedies, food supplements as well as bath additives and body care products.

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Patrys focuses on the development and commercialization of human monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy. Since the human organism itself produces the very best anticancer reagents, these antibodies are, with the help of hybridoma technology, captured directly from the cancer patients. Besides their R&D center in Würzburg, the biotech group has offices in Melbourne/Australia, their place of origin, and New York/USA.

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Headquartered in the Rimpar industrial park, Rapid Biomedical produces and sells RF coils in all magnetic field strengths and dimensions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) worldwide. The products are tailored to the customers’ specific requirements for medicine and experimental research. The global player started as a Würzburg University spin-off in 1998 and currently employs 40 people

vasopharm GmbHexterner Link

The biopharmaceutical company specializes in the development of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Their revolutionary new product VAS203, for example, is meant to prevent inflammatory processes of the brain and a life threatening increase in intracranial pressure of traumatic brain injury patients.

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