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Medical and Health Care

Medical and health care are among the paramount growth and key industries in Würzburg. More than 11,000 people work in this sector which contributes more than thirteen percent to the gross value added in the Würzburg region.  Many of our region's medium-sized companies occupy some highly specific niche markets with their products, services and solutions.


Information and Communication Technologies

Hundreds of companies and small businesses in Würzburg deal in software development as well as consultation, training and other IT services. To ensure qualified experts for our digital future, the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg as well as the University for Applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt offer cutting-edge study programs. Special expertise can be found in the wide range of business information systems, where research carried out in Würzburg greatly influences the major trends in IT development.



In terms of media, Würzburg is extraordinarily well positioned. In the print sector, there are well-established printhouses, book and magazine publishers. Radio and television are represented by local broadcasters as well as by subsidiaries of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. There are also a great number of media providers and agencies dealing in consultation, software development and design.


Wholesale and Retail

Würzburg is a trading town. Chain stores and owner-run shops, large-scale retailers and the rather small specialty shops provide a healthy mix. The inhabitants of city and district numbering nearly 300,000, are an abundant customer base. The Würzburg region is also home to a multitude of companies, whose services and trade relations reach far beyond regional borders.


Energy and Environment Engineering

The development of sustainable energy options is the market of the future, a market which is represented by innovative companies in and around Würzburg providing solutions in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency.


Food Production

The favorable geographical and climatic conditions in Mainfranken allow the cultivation of many specialty crops. Besides sugar beets, fruit, asparagus and other vegetables, wine growing plays a key role. With the Stiftung Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist, the Juliusspital and the Staatlicher Hofkeller, the city of Würzburg is home to three big traditional wine estates. 


Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Würzburg is not an industrial city. And yet, some of its exclusively medium-sized companies enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world.  Koenig & Bauer, for example, is the second largest printing press producer worldwide. The company was founded as early as 1817 and is therefore the oldest printing press producer of the world.


Engineering and Nanotechnology

Together, the universities and external research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC or the south German plastics center form a symbiotic network. New materials for intelligent sensors or new processes in surface technology, plastic engineering and processing are the basis for innovative products with core competency in the region.



The transport and logistics sector in Würzburg takes care of regional as well as national forwarding tasks.  And don’t forget the advantageous traffic linkage to international procurement and sales markets. However, the local logistics market does not limit itself to carrying out transport jobs but provides a multitude of complementary services. VS Logistics, for example, renders special services for the storage of hazardous materials.

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