Würzburg lies in the heart of Germany and Europe

Map of Germany

Here three of the most important federal freeways, the A 3, A 7 and A 81, intersect.

Three international airports plus a regional district airport are located within a radius of 150 km.

As ICE rail intersection, city and region provide excellent rail links.

The river Main connects Würzburg to the European network of waterways – equally important for the transport of bulk goods and river cruise tourists.

In a linked transport system, public transport has been organized in exemplary fashion not only in the city but also in the whole district.

BY TRAIN fromtoDuration
Würzburg centralBerlin central3:50 h
Würzburg centralFrankfurt (M) airport1:25 h
Würzburg centralHamburg central3:23 h
Würzburg centralMunich central1:58 h
Würzburg centralNuremburg central0:54 h
Würzburg centralCologne central2:28 h
Würzburg centralLondon8:08 h
Würzburg centralParis (Est)5:55 h
Würzburg centralRoma central11:45 h
Würzburg centralPrague central5:45 h
Würzburg centralAmsterdam central5:30 h


BY CAR (fastest connection) fromtoDistance
WürzburgFrankfurt120 km
WürzburgStuttgart150 km
WürzburgMunich280 km
WürzburgNuremberg115 km
WürzburgHanover370 km
WürzburgLondon875 km
WürzburgParis683 km
WürzburgRoma1208 km
WürzburgPrague395 km
WürzburgAmsterdam553 km


BY SHIP fromtoDistance
WürzburgDuisburg545 km
WürzburgRotterdam750 km
WürzburgVienna655 km
WürzburgDanube Black Sea estuary2755 km


BY PLANE (nearest airports)Distance
Giebelstadt airport17 km
Nuremburg airport110 km
Frankfurt (M) airport120 km
Stuttgart airport165 km


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