Universities in Würzburg

Research and development, training and qualification are playing increasingly important roles in our knowledge-based society. With its universities and colleges, Würzburg provides the perfect environment and the most creative minds to tackle the challenges of the future.

Julius-Maximilians University

At its ten faculties, the Julius-Maximilians University employs highly qualified specialists – the best of their field of science. The university has an outstanding reputation in medicine, psychology, biology, physics and chemistry. Innovative and progressive study programs complement the offerings, for example Nanostructure Technology, Biomedicine, Functional Materials Technology, Human-Computer Systems, Space Science and Technology, Aerospace Information Technology, Digital Humanities, Museology and Material Culture, Modern China as well as Media Communication.

The scientific success of the Würzburg University is exemplified by the variety of special research areas, graduate colleges and research teams which the Würzburg scientists have been awarded with by the German Research Foundation. The biomedical section of the university ranks first on the list of those funded by external investors. Looking forward, the Würzburg Julius-Maximilians-University is planning to grow in size over the next few years branching out on a 39-hectare area right next to the Hubland campus.

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Geared to the real world: the University of applied Sciences in Würzburg-Schweinfurt

The technical college in Würzburg-Schweinfurt is the third largest for applied sciences in Bavaria. It offers a total of 25 study programs. With its sophisticated laboratories, measuring and testing equipment, the college is the perfect partner for industry and commerce in the area of technological development and transfer of know-how and technology.

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Conservatory of international renown

The Würzburg Music Academy is one with the longest tradition among the German conservatories and represents 200 years of success in art education. It enjoys an excellent reputation beyond national borders. The academy inspires the public with many concerts and concert series, large and small musical projects and scientific conferences.

Würzburg is proud of its history and traditions – and especially the research and development tradition started by none other than Roentgen, the inventor of x-rays. Since Roentgen’s days numerous innovative companies and research centers have settled in Würzburg. Also, many well-known, large companies have research and development offices located in the area.

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