Würzburg’s international relations

The City of Würzburg has ten sister cities: There is one sister city in Germany and others in France, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, Tanzania, Czech Republic und in the USA. Furthermore, the city maintains official friendly relations with two more cities in the USA and Japan.

After the Second World War, the city of Würzburg used its best endeavors to encourage understanding between peoples and started to conclude city twinning. European friendships were strengthened over the years and closer relationships increasingly developed. In 1973, the City of Würzburg was awarded with the Europe Prize for its early and consistent commitment to international understanding.

The fact that the number of partner cities has today reached the number of ten reflects Würzburg’s commitment in Germany and worldwide. The relatively large number of city partnerships which are actively maintained shows that the exchange of different cultures of the world still has a high priority for the City of Würzburg.

Within the City of Würzburg the office Würzburg International is responsible for maintaining the relationships with all the partner cities.

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