Living and Leisure


Let's be honest: Students have a hard time finding an apartment in Germany's cities. That goes for Würzburg, too. But the challenge is definitely not as great as in other university cities:  sooner or later each of you will find suitable housing - and the rents are reasonable.

The best way to live at low cost and close to the university is in one of the dormitories provided by the Student Union. On its website, the Würzburg University has published a listing of all available dormitories, private rooms and furnished apartments.

A win-win situation has been created with the "Live-and-Help" project. The project allows students to live at low cost in the homes of senior citizens or families with children in exchange for doing small jobs in their households.

Or search for accommodation on the university bulletin boards, on the daily Main-Postexterner Link newspaper (special section on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and various internet sites such as www.wuewowas.deexterner Link and online room offers at www.wg-gesucht.deexterner Link.



Movies, pubs, concerts - or do you prefer biking, boating or hiking? There are a great variety of ways to spend your leisure time exactly as it suits you. We have compiled an overview of sports activities, cultural events and nightlife options for you.

If you have a wide range of interests, you will find it impossible to take part in all the events offered:  Plays in the Mainfranken Theater and on the free independent stages, multifaceted museums and galleries with ever new exclusive exhibitions, special movie events - also and particularly during the International Film weekend and the hundreds of concerts every year, from classical to independent.  Music culture takes on a compact format during the renowned city festivals – whether it is the Umsonst & Draußen (outdoors and free for all), the Africa festival, the Mozart festival, the Harbor Summer or the Street Music festival.

Basketball, fencing, rowing, swimming or soccer - the many sports clubs in Würzburg offer the sports enthusiast a wide range of possibilities.

Is there anything more effective than fresh air to clear one's head? Bike along the river Main flowing through Würzburg, walk through the vinyards, relax in the outdoor pool or stroll through the Ringpark.

About every fifth inhabitant in Würzburg is a student. And the city life shows it - day and night! For night owls, Würzburg offers more than just one pub district: All along the Sanderstraße, the Karmelitenstraße and Juliuspromenade, around the market place and the new harbor area. Dance and talk, chill and have a glass of wine - anything goes!