Tasting rooms and shops of Würzburg's famous Wine Estates

All of Würzburg's famous wine estates have their own tasting rooms and wine shops where individual travelers can experience the large variety of locally grown wines.     

Other than enjoying a glass or two of Franconian wine in one of the numerous wine bars and wine restaurants in Würzburg all local wine estates offer attractive tasting rooms in combination with wine shops where visitors will be able to taste a large number of different wines and to purchase their favorite ones. Individual visitors can just drop in during usual business hours:

Weineck Julius Echter
Koellikerstrasse 1a
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)931/3931400
E-mail: weingut@juliusspital.de
www.juliusspital.de/weingut/en/wine-estate/vinothek-in-wuerzburg/index.htmlexterner Link

Vinothek Staatlicher Hofkeller
Residenzplatz 3, Rosenbachpalais
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)931/3050927
E-mail: hofkeller@hofkeller.de
www.hofkeller.de/hofkeller/vinothekexterner Link 

Wine Estate Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist
"Wine-Flights at the Weinhaus"
Corner Theaterstrasse / Semmelstrasse
97070 Würzburg
Phone ++49(0)931/3503403
E-mail: weinhaus@buergerspital.deexterner Link
www.buergerspital.de/weineventsexterner Link

Weingut am Stein Ludwig Knoll
Mittlerer Steinbergweg 5
97080 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)931/25808
E-Mail: mail@weingut-am-stein.de  
www.weingut-am-stein.de/de/Weindegustation.htmlexterner Link

Weingut Reiss
Unterdürrbacher Strasse 182
97080 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)931/94600
E-mail: info@weingut-reiss.comexterner Link
www.weingut-reiss.comexterner Link

Weingut A. Fesel
Unterer Kirchbergweg
97084 Würzburg
Phone + 49(0)931/65888
E-mail: weingut@fesel.de
www.fesel.deexterner Link


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