Do you like to hike? There is a huge number of hiking trails in Würzburg and the greater Würzburg area. Find something for everyone!

Foto: Würzburger Stein
Foto: Würzburger Stein (c) CTW / Florian Trykowski

Either you choose a short hike, such as the "Stein Wine Trail", which leads you through the world famous vineyard „Stein“, where you take a walk in the midst oft the history of Franconian wine and Würzburg!

Or you choose a long distance trail, such as the Romantic Road Hiking Trail, which leads you through our picturesque Franconian and Bavarian landscapes.


Walk for one or two hours and discover some of Würzburg’s secrets while enjoying a fabulous panorama.

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Hiking Suggestion 1: "Sieboldshöhe - Randersacker" (10 km)

Trail head: Sanderheinrichsleitenweg

The trail goes past the swimming pool „Wolfgang-Adami-Bad“ through the woods of the Sieboldswäldchen and crosses the university campus. The trail then turns at the "Schönstattheim“ and continues to the "Kunigundenkapelle" chapel where you can enjoy excellent views of the Main river valley. From here continue on the stations or on the vineyard trail (Weinbergsweg) to the wine village of Randersacker. Return via foot and bike path alongside the Main river.

Hiking Suggestion 2: "Heidingsfeld - Randersacker - Würzburg" (10 km)

Take the tram 3 (direction: Heuchelhof) or 5 (direction: Rottenbauer) to the stop „Reuterstrasse“. From there, the trail follows Seilerstrasse and the banks of the Main river. Continue upstream past the small dam to the town of Randersacker. Return to Würzburg via the foot and bike path alongside the Main river.

Hiking Suggestion 3: "Steinbachtal Valley -Guttenberger Forst - Reichenberg"  (10 km)

The trail starts at the old customs house ("Zollhaus"), at the begining of the Steinbachtal Valley. Turn left and gently climb up to the Guttenberger Forest and continue to the Forester’s Lodge (7 km). At the lodge, you find a playground and picnic area. Return by bus No 311 (direction: Heidingsfeld) or continue on foot to Reichenberg (3 km).

Hiking Suggestion 4: "Würzburg - Höchberg"

The hike starts at the Bridge Friedensbrücke and goes past the Monastery Himmelspforten. The monastery is a former Cistercian abbey that is now a Carmelite monastery and features an early Gothic period church. Continue to the Schifferkinderheim Orphanage and take the nature trail to the city water treatment plant. Continue to the junction of Frankfurter Strasse and Hettstädter Steige. Stay on Frankfurter Strasse for approximately 250 m and turn right into the Park Friedrich-Koenig-Anlagen. Continue to Höchberg. Return via bus No 47 or walk back the way you came.

Hiking Suggestion 5: "Würzburg - Veitshöchheim" (10 km)

The hike starts at the Bridge Friedensbrücke. Take the walking path on the left side of the Main river downstream. Walk past the Monastery Oberzell and through the town of Margetshöchheim. Take the footbridge and continue into Veitshöchheim. Attractions in Veitshöchheim include the Rococo Gardens which feature monuments by Ferdinand Tietz, Johann-Peter Wagner and Wolfgang van der Auvera. The adjacent castle is the former summer residence of the Prince Bishops of Würzburg. Return trip by busses No 11 or 19, by boat, or on foot.

Hiking Suggestion 6:  "The Southern end of the Main River Triangle"

One-way and loop hikes ranging in distance from 5 km to 37 km.

Information and maps can be obtained from:

Tourist Information Fränkisches Weinland
Am Congress Centrum, 97070 Würzburg
Phone +49 (0)9 31 / 37 23 35, Fax +49 (0)9 31 / 37 36 52
E-Mail tourismus@fraenkisches-weinland.de
Internet: www.fraenkisches-weinland.deexterner Link

Long Distance Trails: Hiking on diversified routes und experciencing fascinating countrysides.

Hiking Trail Würzburg
Distance: 88 km

The trail goes from Würzburg to the town of Kreuzberg in the Rhön region.

Information: Rhönklub Zweigverein Würzburg e. V.
Club president: Wolfgang Schloßareck
Herrmann-Zürrlein-Straße 2, 97076 Würzburg
E-Mail info@rhoenklub-wuerzburg.de
Internet www.rhoenklub-wuerzburg.deexterner Link

Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago Trail)
Distance: 105 km

This is one of the longest Pilgrimage Trails in Germany connecting Vacha, Fulda, Würzburg, Rothenburg, Ulm, and the Lake of Constance. The trail crosses into the Franconian Wine Country at the town of Ramsthal. The section from here is of tranquil, rural nature until you reach Veitshöchheim and the busy Main River Valley. Now the scenery changes frequently. First you hike past the vineyards of the Main River Valley, then through the agricultural lands of the Gäu Plateau, through picturesque wine towns, impressive farm steads and small, solitary farms. The Way of St. James leaves the Franconian Wine Country at the town of Aub.

Information: Fränkische St. Jakobusgesellschaft
Friedrich-Wencker-Str. 3, 97215 Uffenheim
Phone +49 (0) 98 42 / 71 76, Fax +49 (0)98 42 / 93 66 93
Internet: www.jakobus-gesellschaften.deexterner Link

Main River Hiking Trail
Distance: 492 km

This trail in its entirety takes you from the origin of the Main river to its terminus. A special service is available for the section from Würzburg to Wertheim: hiking without carrying your gear.

Information: Touristik GmbH im Würzburger Land
Erwin-Vornberger-Platz, 97209 Veitshöchheim
Phone +49 (0)9 31 / 9 80 27 40, Fax +49 (0)9 31 / 9 80 27 42
E-Mail: info@wuerzburgerland.de
Internet: www.wuerzburgerland.deexterner Link

Via Romea Hiking Trail

The opportunity to walk on this old Pilgrimage trail has only been offered a few years ago. Via Romea proceeds quite vertical from Stade to the South, via Austria and the Brenner Pass to Rome. In Germany, the trail leads through four states of Germany: Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Bavaria where it touches Würzburg. In an appealing day-leg from here, you reach the historic city of Ochsenfurt via the picturesque wine village Sommerhausen. The hikers walk thereby on the foot steps of Abbot Albert von Stade who was hiking from Stade to Rome in 1236 and left a detailled description of his way.

Info: Förderverein „Romweg – Abt Albert von Stade“ e.V.
Am Weinberg 9, 38315 Schladen
Tel. +49 (0)53 35 / 801-53, Fax: +49 (0)53 35 / 801-52
Internet: www.viaromea.deexterner Link

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