Würzburg is a great city for cyclists! From a leisurely city exploration on a bicycle to a strenuous, self-contained tour – there is something for everyone! Even if you are looking for a long-distance bicycle trail there are lots of possibilities: cycle along the Romantic Road or along one of the area’s rivers eg. the Main River Bicycle Trail. 

Cycling in Würzburg

All sights in Würzburg are easily reachable by bike.

Foto: Radfahren
Foto: Radfahren (c) Andreas Bestle

Cycling through the Franconian Wine Country and along special trails

Würzburg and the Franconian Wine Country boast a well-developed system of bicycle trails. There are several long-distance bike trails that take you along the rivers Main, Tauber and Saale. You can also explore the Spessart and Rhön regions or cycle all the way to Füssen and Schloss Neuschwanstein - all along the Romantic Road.

Bike rental in Würzburg

The Best Bicycle Trails in Würzburg and the Franconian Wine Country

Main River Bicycle Trail
The 600-km-long Main River Bicycle Trail is one of the most popular long-distance bicycle trails in Germany. Pedaling from the Main River’s two origins, the Red and the White Main, to its terminus is one of the best ways to experience this beautiful landscape.

The Franconia section of the Main River Bicycle Trail goes from Gemünden past steep vineyards to the city of Würzburg, where the UNESCO World Heritage Site Residenz Castle awaits the visitor. From there, wine continues to be the major theme as you cycle through Kitzingen and many other hamlets, such as Sommerach, Nordheim, or Volkach - all well-known for their superb wines. Once you get to Schweinfurt, the Main River starts leaving the Franconian Wine Country. A map of the Main River Bicycle Trail is available for download here.

Karte Main-Radweg Karte Main-Radweg, 366 KB

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The Wern River Bicycle Trail

The Wern River Bicycle Trail is a lesser known gem for active nature lovers. The trail is 78 km long and travels from the spring of the Wern River to its confluence with the Main River near Gemünden-Wernfeld. The path is ideal for families or other leisure riders because there are rarely climbs and it is very well marked.

The Wern River Trail is a nice alternative to the Main River Trail, but, of course, you can always do both. The entire tour can easily be accomplished in 2 to 3 days, leaving ample time for sightseeing, visiting, and refueling. Get ready for many new impressions and experience a small piece of magical Franconia.

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Main-Tauber-Franconia Bicycle Trail "Radachter“

Escape everyday life by riding along the Main-Tauber-Franconia Bicycle Trail. Enjoy historical buildings from the Baroque era, quaint half-timbered houses, unspoiled nature, and, last but not least, the proverbial Franconian hospitality and Franconian wines. Don’t forget to take breaks along the way! Side trips to nearby towns and hamlets are well worth your time.

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Romantic Road

Bicycling along the Romanic Route is probably one of the most rewarding ways to explore Germany’s most famous and favourite vacation route. Don’t worry, the bicycle trail travels on quiet pathways away from motorized madness and you are introduced to many wonderful experiences. There are historic old towns, medieval towns with their city gates and fortifications, Baroque pilgrimage churches and Bavarian fairy tale castles. Furthermore, you get to discover romantic river valleys and a beautiful countryside.

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2-Franken Bicycle Trail

This Bicycle Trail connects the two most famous Franconian metropolises Würzburg and Bamberg via a 100 km distance. With the exception of the main through-roads, the tour proceeds on bicycle paths and by more than 90 % on asphaltic bicycle and country lanes. The 2 Franken Bicycle Trail is consistenly labeled with white-green signs and the red icon of the 2 Franken Bicycle Trail. Starting at Würzburg Railway Station it is an alternative to the Main River Bicycle Trail and suitable for those who do not balk at one or another ascending slopes.

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