Bürgerspital Hofschoppen Festival 2023 (Bürgerspital Hofschoppenfest)

June 07 - 17, 2023

Innenhof des Bürgerspitals in Würzburg
Foto: Bürgerspital

This is a traditional Würzburg wine festival that takes place in the historical courtyard of the Bürgespital zum Hl. Geist. Great place to sample top wines from the estate and to meet friendly locals.

Location / Organizer:
Theaterstraße 19
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)9 31/352880
Fax +49 (0 )931/3528888
E-Mail: info@buergerspital-weinstuben.de  
http://www.buergerspital-weinstuben.deexterner Link
https://www.buergerspital-weinstuben.de/feiern/unsere_feste/hofschoppenfest/externer Link


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