Wine am Stein 2023 (Wine Festival)

July 12 - 29, 2023

Weinfest am Stein Knoll 16.08.2011Hoffest_2012

Delicious wine, a warm evening outside, surrounded by vineyards and nice people: That's what the wine festival at the Stein is all about! Enjoy the view of the fortress and the pilgrimage church Käppele while listening to live music. Every night there is a different band and the music ranges from Soul to Funk, Salsa, Reggae, Jazz or Blues.

Locations / Organizer:
Weingut am Stein
Mittlerer Steinbergweg 5
97080 Würzburg
Phone +49(0)931/25808
Fax +49(0)931/25880
E-Mail: Link

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