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Culture, ambiance, service: A unique mixture
Würzburg and the Franconian Wine Country offer a great combination of opposites that attract: cultural experiences and conferences, day trips and meetings, Silvaner wine and seminars, wine festivals and scientific endeavors. No other city offers as much variety and service. You can look forward to modern, high-tech conference venues in locations steeped in history and culture. There is a lot to do in your free time and there are many places to see, such as the Residenz Palace. Würzburg is a great choice; not your average meeting place.

Easy to get to: In the middle of Germany
Würzburg is located near the intersections of several major highways: The Autobahn A3 from Cologne via Würzburg to Munich, the Autobahn A7 from Hannover via Würzburg to Ulm, and the Autobahn A81 from Stuttgart via Würzburg to Heilbronn. Also, every day, Würzburg is served by more than 70 high-speed passenger trains. And it only takes an hour to get to the airports in Frankfurt or Nuremberg.

What we offer: More than you expected
There are over 60 conference venues in Würzburg and the surrounding Franconian Wine Country. We are in charge of three conference venues, among them the Congress Centrum Würzburg and Museum im Kulturspeicher. 
The cultural offerings are also extremely attractive. The contrast of city vs. countryside only adds to this attraction: On one hand, you have Würzburg and the Residence Palace, world-famous museums, the world’s largest collection of works by Tilman Riemenschneider, as well as events such as the Mozartfest and the Africa Festival. On the other hand, there is the Franconian Wine Country with its vineyards, wine festivals, local and international cuisine and numerous possibilities for activities to complement your meeting.
More information: https://www.wuerzburg-b2b.deexterner Link 

Meet our professional conference planning team
The team of Congress Tourismus Würzburg consists of 29 hard working specialists who will put their expertise to work for you. Our goal is to always find the best solution for you. We use our knowledge of the area to your advantage. We know what is out there, how it could work for you, and what it will take to put it all in place for you. We offer a wide range of services: From individual options to complete packages. Whatever you need, we can accommodate you.

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Reservation and Convention Service
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