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WineWorld Juliusspital

Prince Bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn founded the charitable foundation Juliusspital in 1576. To this day, the independent foundation operates a hospital, an assisted living and nursing home, as well as a sinecure and many other charitable organizations that help people in need.

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Staatlicher Hofkeller

The Staatlicher Hofkeller dates back to 1128. Beneath the Baroque building of the Residence Palace are the expansive tunnels and cellars of the wine cellar of the former prince bishops. Experience and enjoy the wines in one of the most beautiful wine cellars in the world.

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Weingut am Stein Ludwig Knoll

Right in the middle of the world-famous vineyard Würzburger Stein the Weingut am Stein has operated for five generations; Ludwig und Sandra Knoll currently manage it.

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Weingut A. Fesel

The Weingut Fesel is located right outside Würzburg, surrounded by nature. It cultivates twelve different grape varieties on six hectares of varying quality. So it can offer a great variety of wines, with something for everybody.

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Weingut Reiss

This innovative family-run wine estate in Würzburg-Unterdürrbach is run by Christian and Martina Reiss. Modern and elegant wines from classic grape varieties are presented, with a focus on their show variety of Silvaner.

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