Energy and Environment Engineering

The development of sustainable energy options is the market of the future, a market which is represented by innovative companies in and around Würzburg providing solutions in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

a+f specializes in the industrial installation of solar power plants. Following the course of the sun, their uniaxial tracking systems are always in the perfect position. Core business of va-Q-Tec is their highly innovative vacuum heat insulation system. Although extremely thin, the insulation performance of the energy-efficient vacuum insulation panels of award-winner va-Q-tec is up to ten times more effective than other solutions.

a+f GmbHexterner Link

a+f is a subsidiary of the Gildemeister group. With their Sun-Carrier and SkyCarrier systems, the company specializes in the industrial installation of solar power plants. Following the course of the sun, their uniaxial tracking systems are always in perfect position. The permanently ideal angle of light incidence guarantees a surplus of up to 35 percent compared to other solutions available on the market.

Babcock Noell GmbHexterner Link

Babcock Noell plans and builds innovative exhaust gas purifying systems for power plants. The company also produces safety components for nuclear power plants and is specialized in dismantling them. The development of superconducting magnets for research and nuclear fusion is another of their fields of activities.

E.ON Bayern AGexterner Link

Regional E.ON Bayern is the largest network provider in Germany. Their core business is the planning, construction and operation of power and gas supply lines which extend on around 150,000 kilometers in Bavaria alone. With some 1,300 employees in Lower Franconia, E.ON is a significant factor for the regional labor market and economy. Würzburg accommodates E.ON’s regional headquarters for Lower Franconia.

Jurchen Technology GmbHexterner Link

Headquartered in Helmstadt since May 2008, Jurchen Technology produces and sells system components for photovoltaic power plants. The company develops and manufactures a variety of fastening and cable systems. Their products are highly compatible to all standard solar modules and roof solutions and can be easily tailored to the customers’ requirements.

va-Q-tec AGexterner Link

With energy-efficient vacuum insulation panels and customertailored solutions, award-winner va-Q-tec has redefined the meaning of heat insulation. With drastically reduced insulation thicknesses, their products require only about a tenth of the space needed by conventional insulation material but render the same performance. With their innovative products, the company has created new possibilities for thermal packaging, home appliances and buildings.

Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbHexterner Link

City-owned utility and transportation company WVV supplies and supports the entire region with energy, drinking water, public transportation, port and parking, waste disposal and recycling services. For more than thirty years, the expert all-round provider has been an important source of inspiration and consultant for the economy.


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