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Würzburg - Facts and Figures

Commerical hub of Lower Franconia, center of education and research and attractive tourist destination: Würzburg has a lot to offer!

Würzburg – The Location
Würzburg is surrounded by the forests Spessart, Rhön and Steigerwald. Located at the Main River at latitude 49° 48’ North and longitude 9°56’ East. The city itself is at 182m above sea level; the Alter Kranen is at 166m and the Frankenwarte at 360m above sea level. The city sprawls out over 87.7 square kilometers.

Würzburg – Politically
Würzburg is the Unterfranken (Lower Franconia) county seat; received the flag of honor from the Council of Europe, the European Award, and the official title “City of Europe.”
Würzburg has 130,000 inhabitants. Twin cities are: Bray, Ireland; Caen, France; Dundee, Scotland; Mwanza, Tanzania; Otsu, Japan; Rochester, NY/USA; Salamanca, Spain; Suhl, Thuringia; Umeå, Sweden.

Würzburg – Learning and Education
Würzburg’s Julius-Maximilian University was home to 14 Nobel Prize winners, such as Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of x-rays, 1901) and Klaus von Klitzig (Nobel Prize in physics, 1985). The university has 10 different faculties and 70 institutes. The University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt has 10 faculties and offers 11 different diplomas, 5 bachelors and 4 masters programs. The University of Music has trained numerous outstanding musicians. All in all, there are more than 37,000 students in Würzburg, pursuing research projects and degree programs. Also, there are 49 regular high schools and 56 vocational high schools. Würzburg offers more educational opportunities than most cities in Germany.

Würzburg – Research and Commerce
Würzburg is an economic hotspot in the region “Mainfranken”. The city boasts a large commercial hub and the second largest service industry center in Bavaria, offering jobs to 100,000 employees. Nationally and internationally known companies call this area home, e.g.: Vogel Media Group, Koenig & Bauer, Brose, BASF Coatings, Noell Crane Systems.
As far as research is concerned, the Theodor-Boveri-Institute for biological science and the Rudolf-Virchow-Institute for experimental biomedicine enjoy an excellent reputation. New innovations are being developed at institutions, such as the SKZ German Plastics Center, the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research, the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, and the Center for Digital Innovations Mainfranken. People interested in starting up there own projects find great support at foundations, such as the Foundation for Biotechnology and Biomedicine, the Center for Communications Technology, and the Technology Foundation.

Würzburg – Tourist and MICE Destination
Würzburg offers more than 4,900 hotel beds. The Congress Centrum on the banks of the Main river offers 14 different function rooms for up to 2.500 delegates. In 2019, the city counted over 975,000 overnight stays and around 13,400,000 day trippers. Würzburg is member of a number of tourism marketing organizations, such as the Historic Highlights of Germanyexterner Link, the marketing cooperations Romantic Roadexterner Link, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Germanyexterner Link, as well as the tourist boards of Franconiaexterner Link and the Franconian Wine Countryexterner Link.

Würzburg – Traffic Connections
Würzburg enjoys a fantastic infrastructure. Numerous old and new traffic routes intersect here: the Autobahn A3 (Cologne – Würzburg – Munich), the Autobahn A7 (Hannover – Würzburg – Ulm), and the Autobahn A81 (Stuttgart – Heilbronn – Würzburg). As far as trains are concerned, Würzburg enjoys 70 daily ICE/IC connections as well as 350 regular passenger trains. A large number of long distance coaches stop in Würzburg. Furthermore, Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport (FRA)externer Link and Nuremberg's Albrecht Dürer Airport (NUEexterner Link) are both just about an hour away and you can hop on a boat to cruise up or down the Main River to some of the areas best attractions. Also, more than 1.000 river cruise ships traveling from Rotterdam/Basel to Vienna and Budapest make a stop here every year.

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