Weingut A. Fesel / Wine tasting

The Weingut Fesel is located right outside Würzburg, surrounded by nature. It cultivates twelve different grape varieties on six hectares of varying quality. So it can offer a great variety of wines, with something for everybody.

Wine and cellar master Stefan Fesel is a second-generation owner, now in charge of the winery.  He is committed to natural grape cultivation, ecological wine production, high quality and superb taste.

Wine Tasting

Take a tour of the winery and the cellar and learn about everything from growing grapes all the way to making wine.

Booking Information:

Dates upon request only
Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Group size:
25 – 60 participants: Wine tasting in the wine tavern
60 – 200 participants: Wine tasting in the Kulturscheune
Meeting place: Entrance to the Weingut Fesel
Cost: € 29.50 per person

Information / Reservations:
Weingut A. Fesel
Unterer Kirchbergweg 6
D - 97084 Würzburg
Phone +49 (0) 9 31 / 6 56 88
E-Mail: weingut@fesel.de
www.fesel.deexterner Link

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